Prof. Peter Koděra, PhD.

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Oddelenie ložiskovej geológie

Scientific interests

  • Geochemistry, genesis and modeling of mineral deposits
  • Prognosis of mineral resources
  • Genesis of gold ore deposits (especially epithermal vein and porphyry)
  • Genesis of magnesite, bentonite and perlite deposits
  • Mineralogical methods of research (EMPA, fluid inclusions, stable isotopes, LA ICPMS, mineral geothermometers, Raman spectroscopy)

Pedagogical activities

My teaching activities are mainly focused on the field ore deposits

Bachelor degree:

  • Raw Materials
  • Ore Deposits
  • Fossil Fuels and Energy Resources

Master’s degree

  • Ore Deposits of Slovakia
  • Application of GIS in Economic and Environmental Geology
  • World Deposits
  • Hydrothermal Processes and Hydrothermal Alteration
  • Genetic Mineralogy of Natural Resources
  • Ore Textures
  • Actual Trends and Results in the Area of Raw Materials
  • Field Course in Mineralogy, Economic and Environmental Geology

Doctoral degree

  • Mineralogical, Geochemical and Other Exploration Methods in Economic Geology
  • Advanced Methods of Research in Economic Geology
  • Modelling of Conditions and Processes in Raw Materials Deposits and Environmental Applications

The most significant publications

  • Koděra, P., Majzlan, J., Pollok, Kilian, K., Stefan, Šimko, F., Scholtzová, E., Luptáková, J., Cawthorn, G. (2021): Ferrous hydroxychlorides hibbingite (γ-Fe2(OH)3Cl) and parahibbingite (β-Fe2(OH)3Cl) as a concealed sink of Cl and H2O in ultrabasic and granitic systems. American Mineralogist DOI: 10.2138/am-2022-8011
  • Koděra, P. (2020): Ložiská rudných surovín a ich genéza. 1. vyd., Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave,  176 s.
  • Koděra, P. (2020): Príklady rudných ložísk sveta. 1. vyd., Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, 86 s.
  • Rottier, B., Audétat, A. Koděra, P., Lexa, J. (2020): Magmatic evolution of the mineralized Stiavnica volcano (Central Slovakia) evidence from thermobarometry, melt inclusions, and sulfide inclusions. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 401, 1-23. Impakt faktor 2,617
  • Rottier, B., Audétat, A., Koděra, P., Lexa, J. (2020): Origin and Evolution of Magmas in the Porphyry Au-mineralized Javorie Volcano (Central Slovakia): Evidence from Thermobarometry, Melt Inclusions and Sulfide Inclusions. Journal of Petrology, 60, 2449-2482. Impakt faktor 3,451
  • Grishina, S., Koděra, P., Goryainov, S., Oreshonkov, A., Seryotkin Y., Šimko, F., Polozov, A.G. (2020): Application of Raman spectroscopy for identification of rinneite (K3NaFeCl6) in inclusions in minerals. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, DOI: 10.1002/jrs.6005. Impakt faktor 2,809
  • Radková, P., Mikuš, T., Bakos, F., Koděra, P., – Luptáková, J. (2019): A new type of carbonate-hosted Au mineralization at Dúbrava near Rochovce, Western Carpathians. Acta Geologica Slovaca. 11, 103-118
  • Koděra, P., Kozák, J., Brčeková, J., Chovan, M., Lexa, J., Jánošík, M., Biroň, A., Uhlík, P., Bakos, F. (2018): Distribution and composition of gold in porphyry gold systems: example from the Biely Vrch deposit Slovakia. Mineralium Deposita, 53, 1193-1212. Impakt faktor 3,40.
  • Kubač, A., Chovan, M. Koděra, P., Kyle, R.J., Lexa, J., Vojtko, R. (2018): Mineralogy of the epithermal precious and base metal deposit Banská Hodruša at the Rozália Mine (Slovakia). Mineralogy and Petrology, 112, 705-731. Impakt faktor 1,573
  • Grishina, S., Koděra, P., Uriarte, L. M. , Dubessy, J., Oreshonkov, A., Goryainov, S., Šimko, F., Yakovlev, I., Roginskii, E. M. (2018): Identification of anhydrous CaCl2 and KCaCl3 in natural inclusions by Raman spectroscopy. Chemical Geology, 493, 532-543. Impakt faktor 3,57.
  • Majzlan, J., Berkh, K., Kiefer, S., Koděra, P., Fallick, A.E., Chovan, M. Bakos, F., Biroň A., Ferenc, Š., Lexa, J. (2018): Mineralogy, alteration patterns, geochemistry, and fluid properties of the Ag-Au epithermal deposit Nová Baňa, Slovakia. Mineralogy and Petrology, 112, 1-23. Impakt faktor 1,573
  • Koděra, P., Takács, Á., Racek, M., Šimko, F., Luptáková, J., Váczi, T., Antal, P. (2017) Javorieite, KFeCl3: a new mineral hosted by salt melt inclusions in porphyry gold systems. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 995-1004. Impakt faktor 1,36.
  • Bilohuščin, V., Uher, P., Koděra, P., Milovská, S., Mikuš, T., Bačík, P. (2017): Evolution of borate minerals from contact metamorphic to hydrothermal stages: Ludwigite-groupminerals and szaibélyite from the Vysoká – Zlatno skarn, Slovakia. Mineralogy and Petrology, 111, 643-658. Impakt faktor 1,664.
  • Kozák, J., Koděra, P., Lexa, J., Bakos, F., Molnár, L., Wälle, M. (2017): Porphyry gold system of Beluj in the mantle of the Štiavnica stratovolcano (Slovakia). Acta Geologica Slovaca, 9, 45–61.
  • Gaál, Ľ, Németh, Z., Bella, P., Koděra, P. (2017): Caves in magnesite – a rare phenomenon of karstification: The case study from Slovakia. Mineralia Slovaca, 49, 157-168.
  • Šottník, P., Lalinská-Voleková, B., Brčeková, J., Koděra, P., Jurkovič, Ľ. (2016): Characterization and environmental risk assessment of potential mining waste from Detva – Biely vrch deposit. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 8, 217-227.
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  • Bačík P., Koděra P., Uher P., Ozdín D., Jánošík M. (2015): Chlorine-enriched tourmalines in hydrothermally altered diorite porphyry from the Detva, Biely Vrch porphyry gold deposit (Slovakia). Can. Mineral., in press. Impakt faktor 1.18
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Aktuálne riešené projekty

VEGA 1/0313/20 – principal investigator of the project (2020-2023) „Genesis of precious metal epithermal and porphyry mineralisations in the stratovolcanoes Štiavnica and Javorie“ Click for project annotation

The project deals with the conditions of origin and genesis of two most important types of precious metal mineralisation in Slovakia that have a real economic importance. Completion of their current level of knowledge in terms of genesis can significantly help in exploration and mining of these ores. The epithermal vein Au-Ag deposit Banská Hodruša at the Rozália mine is the only mined ore deposit in Slovakia. The completion of genesis of precious metal epithermal mineralisation in the broad vicinity of this mine is necessary for its future effective exploration. Porphyry gold mineralisation, including the Biely Vrch deposit, is an unusual type of deposit, where gold was introduced by salt melts. Completion of its genetic model has a potential to significantly improve the knowledge of these rare magmatic-hydrothermal systems even in a global aspect, because due to their rare appearance the knowledge is still just on a low level.

APVV-20-0175 – investigator of the project (2021-2024), principal investigator P. Uhlík) „Bentonite: Slovak strategic raw material – Innovative assessment of bentonite quality and origin for its efficient use ” Click for project annotation

Bentonite is an important industrial raw material. Due to the high amount of clay minerals from the smectite group, bentonite has unique properties, e.g. high swelling capacity, plasticity, high specific surface area, cation exchange capacity and low hydraulic conductivity. Due to these properties bentonites have broad range of possible applications. As a consequence, worldwide bentonite production is constantly increasing. Slovak republic (SR) is one of the world’s leading bentonite producers and bentonites belong to the strategic raw materials in SR. In the last 10-15 years, several new bentonite deposits have been opened in SR, most of which have never been studied in detail. This may mean that the potential of Slovak bentonites is not fully utilized. One of the objectives of the project is therefore the comprehensive characterization of bentonites from new deposits. The mineral and chemical composition of bentonites, their physico-chemical, mechanical and rheological properties will be determined. The obtained results will help to better understand the geology and genesis of bentonite deposits which may lead to the discovery of other economic accumulations of bentonites. The main contribution of the project lies in the rational and efficient use of domestic raw materials which will lead to the long-term sustainability of bentonite exploitation in SR. The idea itself is not new, but the way on how we want to implement the proposed changes is highly innovative. The main application outputs of the project such as: passports for the optimal utilization of different qualitative types of bentonites, 3D model of bentonite quality and geological model of selected bentonite deposit, will contribute to achieve this ambitious goal. The multidisciplinary team of experts on domestic and world bentonites in cooperation with major bentonite producer in SR, REGOS, s.r.o. is guarantee of successful solution of the proposed project.