Assoc. Prof. Martin Ondrejka, PhD

Position:Associate professor
Phone:+421 2 9014 9296
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Section of Petrology

Scientific interests

  • Rock-fluid interaction processes, stability and alteration of accessory minerals (e.g. monazite, xenotime, apatite, allanite, titanite), post-magmatic to low-T (supergene) remobilization and fractionation of rare lithophile elements (REE, Zr, Hf, Nb, Ta, U, Th, Rb, Be, F, B).
  • Petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and geochronology of granitoids and felsic volcanics (esp. A-types=ferroan).
  • Member of awarded excellent scientific mineralogical-petrological team (Putiš, Uher, Ondrejka and Bačík) according to the evaluation by the Accreditation Commission of Slovak Rep. in 2015 and 2018.
  • Reviewer (SCI journals): Mineralogical Magazine, Canadian Mineralogist, Mineralogy and Petrology, Geologica Carpathica
  • Reviewer (SCOPUS journals): Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften, Bulletin Mineralogie a Petrologie, Acta Geologica Slovaca, Mineralia Slovaca
  • Handling editor: Acta Geologica Slovaca

Pedagogical activities

My teaching activities are mainly focused on petrography and petrology of magmatic rocks and genetic mineralogy.

Bachelor degree:

  • Petrography of Magmatic Rocks
  • Rocks under the microscope
  • Laboratory Methods in Geology
  • Microscopy of Rock-forming Minerals,
  • Field course of mineralogy and petrology

Master’s degree

  • Petrology of Magmatic Rocks
  • Petrology 1
  • Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria
  • Alteration Processes in Rocks
  • Genetic Mineralogy of Rocks
  • Genetic Mineralogy of Natural Resources
  • Microscopic Petrology

Doctoral degree

  • Magmatic Petrology
  • Genetic Mineralogy
  • Geochemistry of Rocks
  • Isotope Geology and Geochronology

The most significant publications

  • Uher P., Ondrejka M., Spišiak J., Broska I., Putiš M. 2002: Lower Triassic potassium-rich rhyolites of the Silicic unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: Geochemistry, mineralogy and genetic aspects. Geologica Carpathica 53, 1, 27–36.
  • Ondrejka M., Uher P., Pršek J., Ozdín D. 2007: Arsenian monazite-(Ce) and xenotime-(Y), REE arsenates and carbonates from the Tisovec-Rejkovo rhyolite, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: Composition and substitutionsin the (REE,Y)XO4 system (X = P, As, Si, Nb, S). Lithos 95, 1–2, 116–129.
  • Putiš M., Sergeev S., Ondrejka M., Larionov A., Siman P., Spišiak J., Uher P., Paderin I. 2008: Cambrian-Ordovician metaigneous rocks associated with Cadomian fragments in the West-Carpathian basement dated by SHRIMP on zircons: a record from the Gondwana active margin setting. Geologica Carpathica 59, 1, 3–18.
  • Uher P., Ondrejka M., Konečný P. 2009: Magmatic and post-magmatic Y-REE-Th phosphate, silicate and Nb-Ta-Y-REE oxide minerals in A-type metagranite: an example from the Turčok massif, the Western Carpathians, Slovakia. Mineralogical Magazine 73, 6, 1009–1025.
  • Putiš M., Ivan P., Kohút M., Spišiak J., Siman P., Radvanec M., Uher P., Sergeev S., Larionov A., Méres Š., Demko R., Ondrejka M. 2009: Meta-igneous rocks of the West-Carpathian basement, Slovakia: indicators of Early Paleozoic extension and shortening events. Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 180, 6, 461–471.
  • Kohút M., Uher P., Putiš M., Ondrejka M., Sergeev S., Larionov A., Paderin I. 2009: SHRIMP U-Th-Pb zircon dating of the granitoid massifs in the Malé Karpaty Mountains (Western Carpathians): evidence of Meso-Hercynian successive S- to I-type granitic magmatism. Geologica Carpathica 60, 5, 345–350
  • Pršek J., Ondrejka M., Bačík P., Budzyń B., Uher P. 2010: Metamorphic-hydrothermal REE minerals in the Bacúch magnetite deposit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: (Sr,S)-rich monazite-(Ce) and Nd-dominant hingganite. Canadian Mineralogist 48, 1, 81–94.
  • Förster H.-J., Ondrejka M., Uher P. 2011: Mineralogical responses to subsolidus alteration of granitic rocks by oxidizing As-bearing fluids: REE arsenates and As-rich silicates from the Zinnwald granite, Eastern Erzgebirge, Germany. Canadian Mineralogist 49, 4, 913–930.
  • Ondrejka M., Uher P., Putiš P., Broska I., Bačík P., Konečný P., Schmiedt I. 2012: Two-stage breakdown of monazite by post-magmatic and metamorphic fluids: An example from the Veporic orthogneiss, Western Carpathians, Slovakia. Lithos 142–143, 245–255.
  • Uher P., Plašienka D., Ondrejka M., Hraško Ľ., Konečný P. 2013: Uranium-rich monazite-(Ce) from the Krivá type granitic cob bles in conglomerates of the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: composition,
  • age determination and possible source areas. Geological Quarterly 57, 2, 343–352
  • Bačík P., Fridrichová J., Uher P., Pršek J., Ondrejka M. 2014: The crystal chemistry of gadolinite-datolite group silicates. Canadian Mineralogist 52, 625–642.
  • Števko M., Uher P., Ondrejka M., Ozdín D., Bačík P. 2014: Quartz–apatite–REE phosphates–uraninite vein mineralization near Čučma (eastern Slovakia): a product of early Alpine hydrothermal activity in the Gemeric Superunit, Western Carpathians. Journal of Geosciences 59, 209–222.
  • Uher P.,  Ondrejka M., Bačík P., Broska I., Konečný P. 2015: Britholite, monazite, REE carbonates, and calcite: Products of hydrothermal alteration of allanite andapatite in A-type granite from Stupne, Western Carpathians, Slovakia. Lithos 236, 212–225.
  • Ondrejka M., Putiš M., Uher P., Schmiedt I., Pukančík L., Konečný P. 2016: Fluid-driven destabilization of REE-bearing accessoryminerals in the granitic orthogneisses of North Veporic basement (Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Mineralogy and Petrology, 110, 561–580.
  • Ondrejka M., Bačík P., Sobocký T., Uher P., Škoda R., Mikuš T., Luptáková J., Konečný P. 2018: Minerals of the rhabdophane group and the alunite supergroup in microgranite: products of low-temperature alteration in a highly acidic environment from the Velence Hills, Hungary. Mineralogical Magazine, 82, 1277–1300.
  • Ondrejka M., Li, X.-H., Vojtko R., Putiš M., Uher P., Sobocký T. 2018: Permian A-type rhyolites of the Muráň Nappe, Inner Western Carpathians, Slovakia: in-situ zircon U-Pb SIMS ages and tectonic setting. Geologica Carpathica, 69, 187–198.
  • Uher P., Broska I., Krzemińska E., Ondrejka M., Mikuš T., Vaculovič T. 2019: Titanite composition and SHRIMP U–Pb dating as indicators of post-magmatic tectono-thermal activity: Variscan I-type tonalites to granodiorites, the Western Carpathians. Geological Carpathica 70, 6, 449–470.
  • Putiš M., Soták J., Li Q.-L., Ondrejka M., Li X.-H., Hu Z., Ling X., Nemec O., Németh Z., Ružička P. 2019: Origin and Age Determination of the Neotethys Meliata Basin Ophiolite Fragments in the Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous Accretionary Wedge Mélange (Inner Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Minerals 9, 652.
  • Ondrejka M., Bačík P., Putiš M., Uher P., Mikuš T., Luptáková J., Ferenc Š., Smirnov A. 2020: Carbonate-bearing phosphohedyphane–hydroxylphosphohedyphane and cerussite: Supergene products of galena alteration in Permian aplite (Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Canadian Mineralogist, 58, 347–365.
  • Ondrejka M., Uher P., Putiš M., Kohút M., Broska I., Larionov A., Bojar A.-V., Sobocký T. 2021: Permian A‑type granites of the Western Carpathians and Transdanubian regions: products of the Pangea supercontinent breakup. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 110, 6, 2133–2155.
  • Abdelfadil K.M., Mahdy N.M., Ondrejka M., Putiš M. 2022: Mineral chemistry and monazite chemical Th–U–total Pb dating of the Wadi Muweilha muscovite pegmatite, Central Eastern Desert of Egypt: constraints on its origin and geodynamic evolution relative to the Arabian Nubian Shield. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 111, 3, 823–860.
  • Ondrejka M., Vojtko R., Putiš M., Chew D.M., Olšavský M., Uher P., Nemec O., Drakou F., Molnárová A., Spišiak J. 2022: Permian A-type rhyolites of the Drienok Nappe, Inner Western Carpathians, Slovakia: Tectonic setting from in-situ zircon U–Pb LA–ICP–MS dating. Geologica Carpathica, 73, 2, 123–136.
  • Ondrejka M., Molnárová A., Putiš M., Bačík P., Uher P., Voleková B., Milovská S., Mikuš T., Pukančík L. 2022: Hellandite-(Y)-hingganite-(Y)-fluorapatite retrograde coronae: A novel type of fluid-induced dissolution-reprecipitation breakdown of xenotime-(Y) in the metagranites of Fabova Hoľa, Western Carpathians, Slovakia. Mineralogical Magazine, 86, 4, 586–605.
  • Uher P., Ozdín D., Bačík P., Števko M., Ondrejka M., Rybnikova O., Chládek Š., Fridrichová J., Pršek J., Puškelová Ľ. 2022: Phenakite and bertrandite: products of post-magmatic alteration of beryl in granitic pegmatites (Tatric Superunit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Mineralogical Magazine, 86, 5, 715–729.
  • El Monsef M.A., Sami M., Toksoy‐Köksal F., Abart R., Ondrejka M., Abdelfadil K.M. 2023: Role of Magmatism and Related-Exsolved Fluids during Ta-Nb-Sn Concentration in the Central Eastern Desert of Egypt: Evidences from Mineral Chemistry and Fluid Inclusions. Journal of Earth Science, 34, 3, 674–689
  • Ondrejka M., Uher P., Ferenc Š., Milovská S., Mikuš T., Molnárová A., Škoda R., Kopáčik R., Bačík P. 2023: Gadolinium-dominant monazite and xenotime: Selective hydrothermal enrichment of middle REE during low-temperature alteration of uraninite, brannerite, and fluorapatite (the Zimná Voda REE-U-Au quartz vein, Western Carpathians, Slovakia). American Mineralogist, 108, 754–768
  • Ondrejka M., Uher P., Ferenc Š., Majzlan J., Pollok K., Mikuš T., Milovská S., Molnárová A., Škoda R., Kopáčik R., Kurylo S., Bačík P. 2023: Monazite-(Gd), a new Gd-dominant mineral of the monazite group from the Zimná Voda REE–U–Au quartz vein, Prakovce, Western Carpathians, Slovakia. Mineralogical Magazine, 87, 4, 568–574.

Awarded Projects

APVV-22-0092 – principal investigator (2023-2026) Petrogenetic models of Palaeozoic granitic rocks in the Western Carpathians and their correlation

VEGA 1/0467/20 – principal investigator (2020-2022) Remobilisation and fractionation of rare lithophile elements under hydrothermal and supergene conditions

VEGA 1/0257/13 – principal investigator  (2013-2015). Accessory minerals under rock-fluid interaction conditions in magmatic and metamorphic systems


Slovak Geological Society Price for most important scientific paper between 2007 and 2008, category II. – Scientific papers of young authors under 35. 

Awarded publication: Ondrejka M., Uher P., Pršek J., Ozdín D. 2007: Arsenian monazite-(Ce) and xenotime-(Y), REE arsenates and carbonates from the Tisovec-Rejkovo rhyolite, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: Composition and substitutions in the (REE,Y)XO4 system (X = P, As, Si, Nb, S), Lithos, 95, 1, 116-129.