Assoc. Prof. Peter Ružička, PhD.

Position:assistant professor
Phone:+421 2 9014 9356
Publicationslist of publication
Section of Petrology

Scientific interests

  • mineralogical, chemical and isotopic composition of metacarbonate rocks
  • genetic interpretations of metacarbonates pressure-temperature conditions
  • core, experimental and applied research of geomaterials

Pedagogical activities

Bachelor degree:

  • Petrography of metamorphic rocks
  • Applied mineralogy and petrology
  • Microscopy of rocks

Master’s degree

  • Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria
  • Building and decorative rocks
  • Geomaterials

The most significant publications

  • Nemec, O., Putiš, M., Bačík, P., Ružička, P., Németh, Z., 2020: Metamorphic Conditions of Neotethyan Meliatic Accretionary Wedge Estimated by Thermodynamic Modelling and Geothermobarometry (Inner Western Carpathians). Minerals, 10, 1-50, 1094.
  • Putiš M., Soták J., Li Q.-L., Ondrejka M., Li X.-H., Hu Z., Ling X., Nemec O., Németh Z., Ružička P. 2019: Origin and Age Determination of the Neotethys Meliata Basin Ophiolite Fragments in the Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous Accretionary Wedge Mélange (Inner Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Minerals, 9, 652.
  • Vďačný, M., Ružička, P., Vozárová, A., 2016: Geochemistry and C, O, and Sr isotope composition of the Föderata Group metacarbonates (southern Veporicum, Western Carpathians, Slovakia): constraints on the nature of protolith and its depositional environment. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 25, 6, 513-537.
  • Putiš, M., Danišík, M., Ružička, P., Schmiedt, I., 2014: Constraining exhumation pathway in an accretionary wedge by (U-Th)/He thermochronology-Case study on Meliatic nappes in the Western Carpathians. Journal of Geodynamics, 81, 80-90.
  • Ružička, P., Vozárová, A., Michálek, M., Dyda, M., 2011: Alpine regional metamorphism of Föderata Group metacarbonates (southern Veporicum, Western Carpathians, Slovakia): P-T conditions of recrystallization. Geological Quarterly, 55, 1, 9-26.

Current Projects

APVV-19-0065 – member of the research team (2020-2023, principal investigator M. Putiš) „Petrological-geochronological record of riftogenesis and crust-mantle recycling in the Western Carpathians orogenic wedge” Klikni pre podrobnosti o projekte

Specific groups of rocks and their minerals are searched as indicators of the riftogenic zones, despite they often have signatures of superimposed tectono-thermal overprinting from their incorporation into the orogenic zones. Mineralogical, petrological (EPMA, micro-Raman, LA-ICP-MS, XRF, ICP-MS), isotopic-geochemical (LA-MC-ICP-MS, TIMS) and geochronological (U-Pb SIMS, LA-ICP-MS, Ar-Ar, K-Ar) methods will be applied to establish the chemical composition of minerals and rocks, their isotopic characteristics (U-Pb, Pb-Pb, Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr, Zr-Hf, Re-Os) and the ages.