MSc. Diego Delgado Yáñez

Year of enrollment:2020
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Study program: Economic Geology
Main scientific interests: deposit geology, mineralogy, critical metals, exploration

PhD. Topic

Genesis of the W-Mo porphyry deposit Ochtiná-Rochovce

This deposit is a unique W-Mo porphyry occurence in the Western Carpathians and it is structurally and genetically related to the suture zone between Veporic and Gemeric units. Little is known about its specific formation conditions, such as formation temperature, salinity, source of fluids, etc. Thus, my research aims to characterize this conditions via ore microscopy, stable isotopes, fluid inclusions and other geochemical and mineralogical studies. In a further step, the objective is to create a 3D database of the deposit with the information collected.

Current projects

UK/107/2021 – principal investigator (2021) „Mineralogy, alteration apterns and genesis of the W-Mo porphyry deposit Ochtiná-Rochovce” Click to Expand

The main purpose of this project is to understand the formation conditions of the W-Mo porphyry deposit Ochtiná-Rochovce through the characterization of its main geological, lithological, mineralogical and geochemical features. Initially, an extensive revision of available geological data will be done and afterwards, a lithological mineralogical characterization using previous thin sections and new samples from drill cores will be done. This includes description under both plane-polarized and reflected light, XRD diffraction for whole rock and ICP-MS analysis. Finally, double-polished wafers will be prepared for microthermometry spectroscopy and to determine the composition of the fluids responsible for the mineralization.

Former studies

2020 – MSc. in Sustainable Natural Resource Management (Ghent University, Belgium; TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany; Uppsala University, Sweden)

2015 – Bc. in Geology (University of Concepción, Chile)